Makeup Workshops-

Geisha Studio is a resource for the professional makeup artist or someone who wants to add makeup design to an already existing service. It is the perfect place where you can learn cutting edge training concepts that will motivate and enhance our client’s creation process.

Our lessons are live and interactive. You can ask questions, view makeup demonstrations, and collaborate with other artists. At Geisha Studio you will learn what it takes to become a professional makeup artist, or just look like one. Geisha Studio provides concepts to the novice or the person who wants to specialize in makeup artistry as a career.

We would like to extend the opportunity to join our team of dynamic client’s who believe in our mission, “to make one person feel beautiful at a time”.

Geisha Studio has partnered with several Community Colleges and offer year round classes at the below locations:

Los Angeles City College- 323-953-4000 x2651

Long Beach City College- 562-938-5051

East los Angeles City College- 323-265-8793

San Francisco Community College- 415-561-1860

Geisha Studio- 562-230-5417


The Basics-
Day 1: Introduction to Makeup Artistry/ The Perfect Canvas-
This workshop is designed for the makeup artist who needs to know the essential principles of makeup artistry. We will discuss some of the ins and outs of the business and explore different career choices in the makeup industry. We will also begin discussing the procedure, interacting with the client, the makeup kit, brushes, hygiene, skin preparation and skin care. Next, we’ll explore different foundation techniques, and teach you how to create a flawless foundation finish according to the client’s “comfort level”. This intensive workshop will give you a solid foundation from which to start or enhance an exciting career in makeup artistry!

Day 2 & 3: The Power Of Color / All About the Eyes-
This two day in-depth workshop includes professional makeup tips concentrating strictly on the eye area. Learn how to harmonize color with your client’s eyes, hair, skin tone, accessories and wardrobe using the artists color wheel. Next, learn to distinguish each individual eye shape and what eye-shadow techniques work best according to each eye. You’ll also learn proper product placement, eyebrow arching, false lash applications and correct eyeliner methods. Set yourself apart as a professional makeup artist by understanding how to create dimension and shape. Truly an eye opener!!

Day 4: Shading and Highlighting-
Many styles of makeup can be created with the application of shading and highlighting. Learn how to create depth and movement, bringing energy to the surface of your medium. In this workshop you will be taught different contouring techniques and applications for the new millennium. Learn how to create glamorous looks for the woman who is painting the town red. Learn the trends seen in the most current fashion magazines, music videos and television. Dramatic Eyes, Luscious Lips…she can have it all!!

Day 5: Lab Day-
Lab days are where it all comes together. We ask that in order to ensure a more accurate learning experience, you have a model join you in class. This is the time to meet one on one with your instructor and ask any questions regarding your previous workshops.

Day 6: Last Looks
This workshop is a way to say goodbye to the old you… and hello to the new you!!
One last chance to shine!! You will also take a moment to take a quick and easy exit exam, to ensure that you understand your newly acquired knowledge.

Price: $325.00

Advanced Concepts-

Day 7: Combination 6 -
In this workshop, you will be taught 6 different eye makeup combinations, day/evening looks. As a professional makeup artist, you must learn to create several looks in order to bring out your client’s potential. We give you the steps for 6 different ideas that will put you on the right track!

Day 8: Haute Couture-
This workshop is aimed at perfecting the techniques required to produce a High Fashion photographic and editorial style makeup application. This will allow students to maximize any artistic flair!! Let’s take a closer look at the fashion makeup concepts of Paris, Japan, Italy, and New York!

Day 9: Hair Styling-
Diversity is everything in this business! We suggest you learn a thing or two about hair. This workshop is a one stop shop, designed to give you a few simple looks. We will teach you three quick, easy to do hairstyles- day, evening, and a high fashion look. Learn how to expand your technical skills and increase your earnings with a quick twist and a pin!!

Day 10: Lab Day- Lab days are where it all comes together. Practice makes perfect! We ask that in order to ensure a more accurate learning experience, you have a model join you in class. This is the one last time to meet your instructor and ask any questions regarding any of your previous workshops.

Day 11: Portfolio Building- **
Lights, camera, action!! Now let’s get started on that portfolio. In this workshop you will work with a professional photographer and capture a few looks to use in your portfolio. Proper set etiquette will be discussed along with shading and highlighting techniques for any lighting setup. With all your new skills, this will be a snap!!

Day 12: Bridal 101
In this undeniably profitable workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about the wedding day. This informative workshop will take you all the way from the consultation, to the wedding day. You’ll learn everything from how to book your appointments, price your services, and increase your profits. You will learn popular makeup techniques, color selections, and popular application methods. This is a fabulous workshop! It was designed for the freelance artist who enjoys making a serious profit.


If you sign up for both the basic and advanced workshops price is $499.00
Saving $150.00

Professional Airbrush Makeup Workshop
2 Day Airbrush Makeup Course

To achieve camera ready skin with a “natural” finish, try using air-brushed foundation. It creates a breathable, natural-looking finish that looks flawless in photos, videos, or up close and in-person. Learn Airbrush Foundation, cheek, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip.

1 Graftobian Walk- Around GlamAire System
Fully portable( 110v. And 220v. compatible compressor)
Rechargeable and detachable battery pack
Graftoban SA35- single action airbrush
Adjustable 3-26 psi using bleeder valve control
6' supper flexible silicone rubber hose
A/C and DC power cords
International plug ends included (EU, UK, AUS)
15 GlamAire Foundation .25oz ( warm , cool, neutral shades)
15 HD Creme Foundation .25oz ( warm, cool, neutral shades)
Air Brush Cleansing fluid
Graftobian Instructional DVD

Here’s a link:

In this two part workshop you will learn how to:
• Produce high definition quality makeup quickly, consistently and confidently.
• Stencil techniques and applications for beauty, fashion and fantasy.
• High Definition TV makeup that works
• Matte to sheen foundation, blending and contour
• Opalescent and glitter effects
• Cover, or lighten freckles, age spots, birthmarks, veins, lines, wrinkles and bruises
• Stencil and application technique for eyebrows eye shadows, and eye liner.
• Avant-garde makeup and stencil effects
• Operation and maintenance of Graftobian Walk-Around system, airbrushes, hoses, manifolds.

Cost: $550.00